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    The UralCon-2023 conference was held in Magnitogorsk, Lake Bannoe (in Youth training and wellness center of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University) on September 29 - October 1. Participants could choose one of two formats: a traditional face-to-face format or video conference format. In the second variant – a video conference format, anyone could remotely ask the speakers questions and get answers to them.

    Reports of the UralCon-2023

    Surnames of authors, title of report
    Section 1. Power Systems and Smart Grids
    12511Liudmila Gurina
    Cyber Resilience Metrics Assessment of Cyber-Physical Energy System Information Infrastructure
    12534A.M. Gataullin, D.F. Gubaev, R.V. Gataullina
    Automation of Detection of Insulation Defects of High-Voltage Electrical Equipment by Partial Discharges Method
    12543Nikita Maiorov
    Research on Machine Learning Application for the Fault Localization in the Medium Voltage Power Distribution Grid
    12556Nilani Karunasingha, Dmitry Titov
    An Analysis of Forecasting Technologies for Icing Events in Overhead Power Line Wires
    12587Shereen Gath, Dmitry Titov, Klim Volkhov
    Analysis of Existing Methods for Leakage Current Measurement
    12728Ramil G. Mustafin ,Vasil A. Kasimov, Anna A. Granskaya
    Use of Synchronized Vector Measurements Technology for Perform Relay Protection Functions
    12759Pavel Ilyushin Sergey Filippov Aleksandr Kulikov
    Influence of Interdependence of Power Sources in Emergency Modes on Industrial Consumers Power Supply Reliability
    12761Mihail Senyuk Anna Dmitrieva Stepan Dmitriev
    Methodology for Forming a Training Sample for Power Systems Emergency Control Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
    12764Pavel Ilyushin, Sergey Filippov, Ekaterina Boyko
    Considering Transient Analysis Results in Probabilistic Calculations of Industrial Consumers Power Supply Reliability
    12772Vladimir Shuin, Galina Filatova, Natalya Kuzmina
    Application and Research of Digital Current and Voltage Measuring Transformers 6-10 Kv for Single-Phase Earth Fault Location
    12773Vladimir Lebedev, Galina Filatova, Natalya Kuzmina
    Improvement of the Primary Current Converter as Part of Devices Installed on the Wires of 6–10 Kv Overhead Power Lines for Electricity Metering and Relay Protection
    12783Lyudmila Myshkina, Elizaveta Ivanova, Felix Byk
    Greenhouse Complex Power Supply System
    12792Dmitry Ivanov, Marat Sadykov, Tatyana Galieva
    Implementation of a Method for Monitoring High-Voltage Suspended Insulation Based on Electromagnetic Registration of Partial Discharge Signals
    12810Yuri Soluyanov, Alexander Fedotov, Azat Akhmetshin
    Development of New Values of Specific Design Electrical Loads of Multi-Apartment Residential Buildings on the Example of Moscow
    73009Sergei A. Tugulbaev, Aleksandra V. Varganova, Ivan A. Kvasov
    XLPE Cable Line Thermal Regime in the Power Supply System of a Metallurgical Enterprise
    Section 2. Renewable Energ
    12287Arnob Alam Ani
    Hybrid Solar Thermal Power Plant Potential in Australia.
    12290Arnob Alam Ani
    Hybrid Solar Gas Turbine Plant for the Conditions of Australia
    12330Victor Antipov, Andrey Grozov, Anna Ivanova
    Various Poles Numbers 800 kW Synchronous Wind Generators for Arctic Region
    12496V. I. Silaev, O. A. Gavrina, A. V. Kuzina
    The Problem of Renewable Energy Sources and Market Mechanisms in Various Energy Systems in the Era of Global Crises
    12518Galina V. Deryugina, Evgeny V. Ignatev, Myat H. Htet
    Determination of the Optimal Configuration of Solar PV Power Plants and Wind Farms in the United Energy System of Myanmar
    12595Inora Ainulloeva,Alexey Vaskov, Alexandr Sigel
    Effect of Partial Shading on the Efficiency of Solar Power Plants
    12736D.I. Kovalev, D.V. Golubev, A. A. Nesterenko
    Selection of Parameters of Insulation of Polymer-Gas Insulated Transmission Line for Offshore Wind
    12738D.Fomenko, M. Kostoev, A. Vaskov
    Distant Light Sensor for Perfoming Ultra-Short-Term Forecasting of Solar Radiation
    Heat Transfer of Modified Surfaces With Dispersed Coolant Flow
    12786Elizaveta V. Koniushenko, Ilias Rahmanov
    Investigation of the Influence of the Sizes of Soft Magnetic Inserts of a Synchronous Machine with a Built-In Torque Transformer on The Electromagnetic Torque of the System
    12799Olga Egorova, Alexander Klokov, Egor Loktionov
    Life Cycle Costs of Stand-Alone Monitoring Systems in the Arctic
    12809Vladimir Tremyasov, Kara-kys Kenden, Tatyana Krivenko
    Optimization of the Composition of the Solar-Diesel Unit in the Autonomous Power Supply
    12811Vladislav Posmitny, Petr Shurkalov
    Justification of Feasibility of Using Floating SPPs in the Kyrgyz Republic
    12822S. Badamshina, A. Klokov, E. Loktionov
    Opportunities for Economic Efficiency Increase in Renewable Energy Powered Off-Grid Systems
    43330A. V. Matveev, S. E. Shcheklein, A. M. Dubinin
    Electricity Production from Hydrocarbon Pyrolysis Products
    73019M. Tyurina, I. Metelev, R. Zaripova
    Features of Alternative Power Supply of Weather Stations for Monitoring the Condition of the Roadway
    73022V. V. Krutskikh, A. N. Ushkov, V. S. Flanden, D. A. Blagodarov
    The Internet of Things System to Prevent Gantry Crane Collisions
    Section 3. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality
    12381Vyacheslav S. Liventsov, Sergey S. Kostinskiy
    Assessment of Impact Magnitude of Supply Voltage and Length of Transmission Line Have on Absolute Error at Calculation of Active Power Losses in the Power Supply System at its Comprehensive Study
    12530Nikolay Lopatkin, Gennady Zinoviev
    Overall Currents Unbalance Assessment for Several Three-Phase Loads under Sinusoidal Conditions of Four-Wire Circuit
    12537Adnan F. Alhaj Hasan, Valeriy A. Semenyuk, Talgat R. Gazizov
    Radiated Emissions from PCBs with Double MR Before and after Failure
    12538V. F. Dmitrikov, D. V. Shushpanov, D. A. Kutnyakova
    A New Synthesis Technique of High-Frequency Inductor Equivalent Circuits
    12553I. Y. Rozhnov, I. I. Artyukhov
    Autonomous Power Supply System Based on Gas Turbine Units of the Compressor Station
    12720Maria A. Samoylichenko
    Multiple Modal Reservation in Flexible Printed Cables
    12747Maria A. Samoylichenko Anna V. Zhecheva
    Application of a Mirror-Symmetric Modal Filter on a Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board for Multiple Modal Reservation
    12766Alexandr M. Lakoza, Valerii P. Kosteletskii, Alexandr M. Zabolotsky
    Estimating the Insertion Attenuation under Different Methods of Modal Redundancy in Differential and Common Modes
    73001Denis Demchenko, Nina Rubtsova, Andrey Tokarskskiy
    Currents in Disconnected Overhead Transmission Line Grounded in Each Tower Lightning Wire, Induced by Magnetic Field Currents of Parallel Operating Overhead Transmission Line
    73004Sergey N. Verzunov, Igor V. Bochkarev, Vadim R. Khramshin, Milana G. Gunina
    Intelligent System of Partial Discharge Diagnostics in Power Mains
    73020Alina Denisova, Olga Semenova
    Study of the Performance of Electrical Equipment of Electric Power Complexes and Systems Under the Influence of Higher Harmonics of Voltage and Current
    Section 4. Electrical Power Systems: Optimization and Modelling
    12280Vladimir Romanov, Alexander Kazantsev, Arseniy Batishchev
    Calculation of the Optimum Value of the Voltage for a Field Substation Equipped with an On-load Tap-changing Voltage Controller, Taking Into Account the Features of Frequency Converters of Submersible Pump Control Stations
    12281Vladimir Romanov, Valery Goldstein, Maria Begun, Arseniy Batishchev
    Development of a Procedure for Evaluating and Ranking the Reliability and Priority of Repairs for Electrical Equipment in the Oil Industry
    12302Osipov D.S., Shepelev A.O.,Tkachenko V.A.
    Calculation Method for Steady State in Open-Loop Power Lines with the Account of Thermal Processes
    12313Elza R. Enikeeva, Elza А. Gilyazieva
    Optimization of Load Distribution in the Power System by the Method of Lagrange Multipliers
    12535Aleksandr V. Kotenev, Aleksandr D. Stulov
    A Power Supply System for an Industrial Facility with a Synchronous Electric Drive as a Reactive Power Factor Control Object
    12547Ilya E. Kazhekin, Yurij A. Zhizhechkin
    Results of Arc Processes Registration in Single-Phase Short Circuits of Low-Voltage Power Grids with an Isolated Neutral
    12602Dmitriy Grishchenko, Alexander Bogdan,Vladimir Lozovskiy
    About the Joint Use of Algorithms for Finding the Optimal Skeleton of an Electrical Network.
    12727Ilya Petryashin, Tatyana Kartuzova
    Solving the Classification Problem for Setting the Relay Protection Response Characteristics
    12730Alexey Stulov, Andrey Tikhonov, Andrey Karzhevin
    Converting from a Single-Phase Network to a Three-Phase Symmetrical Voltage System for Feeding Three-Phase Power Transformers
    12735Dmitriy Grishchenko, Alexander Bogdan, Vladimir Lozovskiy
    About Different Applications of Branches in the Distribution Network
    12743R. Khuziashev, I. Tukhfatullin
    Influence of Distribution Network Concentrated Inhomogeneities on Traveling Wave Propagation Speed
    12767R. V. Solopov, A. S. Samulchenkov
    Methodology for the Development of Internal Power Supply Systems for Buildings and Constructions in the Revit Modeling Environment
    12776A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov, S. S. Ryzhevol, P. I. Svyatkin
    Design of the Improved EAF’s Electric Circuit Mathematical Model for Application in Digital Twin
    12777A. A. Nikolaev, V. S. Ivekeev, P. G. Tulupov, V. A. Efremov
    Design of the Improved Electrical and Technological Modes Control Algorithms for Various Classes of EAFs
    12785Georgy A. Evdokunin, Anastasiya Y. Korovina, Vasiliy V. Titkov
    Computer Modeling of an Open Arc to Study Arcing Faults in Overhead Power Lines
    12787D. A. Kurnosov
    Adaptive Capabilities of Phase Vector Control Systems
    12790Lyudmila Myshkina, Felix Byk, Yana Frolova
    Identification of the Development Cogeneration Potential in Cities
    12796Gennadiy P. Kornilov, Olga V. Gazizova, Aleksej A. Bochkarev
    The Use of Microprocessor Devices for Automatic Control of the Excitation of Factory Generators
    12806A. A. Guriev, A. S. Brilinskiy, A. A. Stelmah
    Determination of the Saturation Time of Measuring Transformers in Transient Processes
    12808Alexander S. Gerasimov, Andrei S. Brilinskiy, Georgy A. Evdokunin
    Methodology for Evaluating the Efficiency Selection of Automatic Circuit Recloser Dead Time Settings
    12813A. A. Vorontsov, Yu. N. Slesarev
    On the Issue of Comparing Models for Calculating the Magnetic Field Strength of a Solenoid in Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducers on Surface Waves Used in Automated Technical Systems
    73016V. Sukhomlinov, R. Zaripova, A. Popova
    Development and Application of New Data Processing Algorithms for the Software of Modern Atomic Emission Spectrometers When Examining Steels and Alloys
    Section 5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
    12284Koptjaev E., Antonio J. Marques Cardoso
    A Single-Phase Brushless 4 slots-4 poles Flux Switching Generator with Modular Rotor.
    12285Koptjaev E., Marques Cardoso A. J.
    A New Brushless Non-salient Pole Generator with Multi-pole Rotor for Direct-drive Wind Turbines
    12374Timur Petrov
    Determination of Initial Conditions for Topological Optimization
    12377Evgenij Koptjaev, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso
    A Brushless Reversed Monopolar Generator with Longitudinal Flux from Nonsalient Poles
    12433Aleksey V. Udovichenko, Eugeniy V. Grishanov, Gennady S. Zinoviev
    New Circuit Solutions of AC Voltage Regulators as a Soft-Start Device for Asynchronous Motors
    12502Alexander N. Rozhkov, Pavel A. Rasitov, Artush V. Badalian
    Using a Real-Time Operating System to Effectively Control of Power Electronics Devices
    12504Andrey Puzakov
    Output Voltage Model of the Automotive Alternator
    12523Flyur R. Ismagilov, Egor A. Pronin, Iskander R. Garipov
    Experimental Studies of Electrical and Vibrational Characteristics of Additive Aluminum Windings of a Synchronous Generator Based on Permanent Magnets with Carbon Nanotubes
    12526Flyur R. Ismagilov, Ildus F. Sayakhov, Ruslan R. Urazbakhtin
    Study of an Axial Flux Electric Motor with High-Temperature Superconducting Windings for an Aircraft Propeller
    12527Vyacheslav Ye. Vavilov, Eugene O. Zharkov, Ildus F. Sayakhov
    Comparison of the Effect of the Number of Slots and Poles of Multi-Pole Aircraft Electric Machines on the Attraction of Stator Teeth to the Rotor
    12555Arkadii Larin, Inna Larina
    Improvement of the Method for Determining the Frequency Responses of Synchronous Generators from Short Circuit Experiments
    12718E. M. Klimov, R. A. Maleev, M. R. Aleksyuk
    Method for Calculating the Traction Electric Drive of a Vehicle with a Combined Energy Storage
    12726Pavel .O. Shaburov, Nadezhda Y. Kuleva
    Universal Model for Studying Characteristics of a Brushless DC Motor With Discrete Switching
    12732Evgeny I. Fomin, Konstantin S. Dolotov, Stanislav P. Ivanovsky
    The Modeling of PMSM During Dynamic Brake
    12737Egor A. Pronin, Eugene O. Zharkov, Alexey A. Zherebtsov
    Principle of Air Cooling of Permanent Magnet Axial Electric Machine
    12744B. A. Avdeev, A. V. Vyngra
    Experimental Study of the Efficiency of a Non-Isolated Bridge Converter
    12752Konstantin Gavrilov, Ramil Zakirov, Ildar Umurzakov
    Trends in the Development of Cargo Vehicles with Electric Transmission
    12763Dmitriy Sorokin Yury Skorokhod Sergey Volskiy
    Development of a Control Algorithm of the Power Converter for Solar Photovoltaic
    12770A. V. Pashkovskiy, A. N. Tkachev, A. V. Efanov
    Two and Three-Dimensional Physical Fields of Electrical Machines High-Performance Computing
    12771Nikolay Malev
    Analysis of the Servo Drive Dynamics with Allowance for Uncertainties by Methods of the Robust Control Theory
    12778A. A. Nikolaev, M. V. Bulanov, I. G. Gilemov, A. S. Maklakov
    Improving the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Hot Rolling Mill Electric Drives at CJSC “MMK Metalurji” with Supply Network 34.5 kV
    12795Ekaterina Mirgorodskaya, Nikita Mityashin, Yury Tomashevsky
    Problems Solving of Power Elements Uniform Loading and Energy Losses Reducing in a Multilevel Converter Based on a Universal Source of Levels
    12816Ilias Rahmanov, Elizaveta V. Koniushenko, Evgeny I. Fomin
    Investigation of the Influence of the Geometric Dimensions of Permanent Magnets on the Magnitude of the Back Electromotive Force in Synchronous Machines with Sensorless Control
    73006A. N. Shishkov, M. M. Dudkin, V. K. Le, N. A. Eremin
    The Influence of Different Types of Switching Sequences in Space-Vector PWM on Output Characteristics of Three-Level Voltage Inverter
    73008Maxim V. Burmeyster, Ilya I. Berdyshev, Ramis V. Bulatov
    Investigation of the Influence of the Virtual Inertia System Based on the Topology of a Virtual Synchronous Generator on the Stability of a PV plant Operating as Part of a Microgrid
    73012A. Paramonov, V. Dmitrievskii, V. Prakht
    A Novel Method for Identifying Lumped Parameters of Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Based on Measuring Only Electrical Quantities During Their Starting Process
    73013V. A. Pavlukov, S. N. Tkachenko
    Identification of Quasi-Global Extrema in the Calculation of Induction Motor Double-Loop Equivalent Circuit Parameters Using Numerical Methods
    73014Alexey S. Antonenko, Aleksandr S. Maklakov
    Studying the Behavior of 2L Voltage Waveforms Based on Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM
    Section 6. Industrial Processes Control and Automation
    12509T. V. Basоva, Yu. S. Andreev
    The Cutting Tool Technical State Forecasting During the Technological Production Preparation Stages
    12520Alexander Moiseichenkov, Anna Dmitrieva, Mihail Senyuk
    Development and Testing of an Algorithm for Determining the Angular Velocity of Rotation and Acceleration of a Synchronous Generator Rotor in Transient Processes Based on Phasor Measurement Units
    12533Maksim Ivanov, Bogdan Solovev, Andrey Bodylev
    Mobile Low Voltage Fault Indicator
    12539Manh Tuan Nguyen, Adnan F. Alhaj Hasan, Talgat R. Gazizov
    Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of Wire-Grid approach for 3D Printed Antennas: Comparative Analysis and Experimental Validation
    12540Maksim Popov, Marina Shishova, Aleksandr Romanov
    USB 3.0 Based Heterogeneous Data High-Speed Transfer Subsystem
    12613A. Sherstneva, O. Sherstneva
    Simulation of Call Center Performance
    12625Rustem Munasypov, Sergei Fetsak, Artem Danilin
    Friction Mixing Welding Process Monitoring System
    12740A. N. Krasnov, M. Yu. Prakhova, I. Yu. Chernigov
    Simulation of Air Cooler Operation under Changing Performance of Booster Compressor Station
    12741Andrey N. Krasnov, Marina Yu. Prakhova
    Signature Analysis Algorithm in Parametric Systems of Leak Detection in Pipeline Transport
    12751Alexander Yurmanov, Maxim Panchuk, Alexander Konoplin
    Method for Clarifying Trajectories of Multi-Link Manipulators Mounted on Underwater Vehicles
    12793Vasily Desnitsky
    Simulation Modeling of a Flotation Water Treatment System for Attack Evaluation
    12800A. K. Yusupov, S. T. Boltayev, Q. A. Kosimova
    Determination of the Required Number of Brake Shoes to Stop the Spontaneous Departure of Rolling Stock on Station Tracks
    12801Valeria Popova, Andrey Chechulin
    Ranking of Countermeasures Against Cyberattacks in Cyberphysical Systems of Critical Infrastructure Facilities
    12804Roman Pushkov, Svetlana Evstafieva
    Methodology for Building a CNC System Based on a Memory-Oriented Architecture
    12820Alexei Zakharov, Egor Pugin, Maria Zakharovа
    Surface Defect Detection Based on Weakly Supervised Learning and Graph Convolutional Network
    32410Andrey Yatsun, Andrei Malchikov, Egor Logunov
    Study of Human-Machine Interaction Based on Industrial Soft-Type Exoskeletons
    32607V. N. Efanov, N. S. Ivanova
    Assessment of the State of Complex Technical Objects Based on the Analysis of Time Series Anomalies
    41006J. F. Kurbanov, N. V. Yaronova
    Improving the Efficiency of the Automatic Locomotive Signaling System
    41007J. F. Kurbanov, N. V. Yaronova
    Improvement of Diagnostic Devices for Loading Axle Boxes with the Help of Microprocessor Devices
    73013S. M. Andreev, D. V. Nuzhin
    Developing an optimal control system for workpiece heating in a continuous furnace using the digital twin technology
    73021D. S. Antipin, G. N. Ryavkin, E. V. Solomin
    Improving the Quality of the Disparity Map
    73023V. V. Krutskikh, K. G. Gajiyev, I. V. Putilova, A. N. Ushkov
    Wireless Degassing Sensor for the Industrial Internet of Things in Heating Systems
    73024Nikita Cherkasov, Aleksey Ulanov, Sergey Ivanov, Mikhail Ivanov
    Improving the Quality of the Disparity Map
    73025Nikita Cherkasov, Aleksey Ulanov, Sergey Ivanov, Mikhail Ivanov
    Detection of Defects in Welded Joints Based on Data From the Computer Vision System Using YOLOv5
    Section 7. Electrotechnology
    12289Yudin A.A.,Inahodova L.M., Kazantsev A.A.
    Research of Electric Modes when Using Innovative Designs of Power Transformers in Power Supply Systems of Oil and Gas Companies
    12519Konstantin K. Kim, Alexander Yu. Panychev, Irina M. Karpova
    Using a Rotating Magnetic Field for Milk Pasteurization
    12723N. N. Klochkova, A. V. Obukhova, A. N. Protsenko
    Investigation of the Design of an Induction Heating System for Quenching the Surface of Balls
    12756Yuri Soluyanov Alexander Tyurin Azat Akhmetshin
    Test of Arc Fault Detection Devices for Operation from Spark Gaps and Arc Fault in an Electric Circuit of 0.4 kV
    12812A. Khorshev, D. Lopukh, A. Vavilov, I. Skrigan
    Study of the Influence of the Melt Pool Diameter on the Electrical and Thermal Parameters of An Induction Melting Furnace in a Cold Crucible with Bottom Heating
    32328Ivan Fomin, Anton Korsakov, Andrey Arkhipov,
    Comparison of Key Frames of Video Sequences Using the Izhikevich Spiking Neuron
    32397Marina Yu. Zvezdina Yulia A. Shokova Sergey V. Lazarenko
    TUAV Location Algorithm Based on SINS Data and Airborne Radar Data
    32470Igor Saenko, Oleg Lauta, Dmitry Iatsenko
    The Use of Dynamic Characteristics in Handwriting Recognition Tasks
    32514Kazybek Askarbek, Mohammad Reza Bahrami
    Smart Parking Systems: a Review on User Interface Features and Real World Examples
    32532Vladimir Gvozdev, Oksana Bezhaeva, Robert Galimov
    Construction of Signal Transmission Structures in Information Systems Based on Conjunction Schemes
    32626Mikhail Yu. Mikheev, Sonya Helal, Ekaterina A. Gudkova
    Transforming Agribusiness in Algeria: Harnessing Cognitive Visual Environment and Data-Driven Technologies for Sustainable Growth
    32633Nataliya Krotova, Roman Pushkov
    The Application of Technical Vision for Automation of Measuring Cycles in CNC Machines
    32670Vladimir Filaretov, Alexey Katsurin
    The System of Coordinated Semi-Automatic Remote Control by Two Mobile Robots
    32713Dmitriy Korobkin, Grigory Vereschak, Sergey Fomenkov
    Formation of a Russian-English Parallel Corpus for Automatic Translation of the Text of Patents
    73002Mikhail Khachumov, Nikolai Abramov, Vyacheslav Khachumov
    Elements of the Smart Geometrical Control Technology for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    73007A. Besterkova, M. Vecherkin, A.Sarvarov
    Synthesis of Parameters of the Control System of a Multi-Motor Asynchronous Electric Drive with Thyristor Voltage Converters
    73010Ilya Kovalev, Maxim Nenarokomov, Nadezhda Chervonnova
    Data Acquisition from Relay Protection Systems with the Possibility of Displaying and Analyzing on Remote Workplaces
    73011Саттаров Р.Р.
    Рост применения управляемых силовых электрических технологий в промышленности и транспорте как драйвер изменения электротехнических курсов
    73015V. K. Kozlov, D. M. Valiullina, E. R. Iksanova
    Diagnostics of Transformer Oil Condition By Its Chromaticity Coordinates
    73018R. Nezhmetdinov, R. Nezhmetdinova, R. Utarbaev
    Operation with Auxiliary Devices of Automatics Using External Computing Resources on Trusted Control Systems