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    The UralCon-2022 conference was held in Magnitogorsk, Lake Bannoe (in Youth training and wellness center of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University) on September 23-25th. Participants could choose one of two formats: a traditional face-to-face format or video conference format. In the second variant – a video conference format, anyone could remotely ask the speakers questions and get answers to them.

    All papers had been published in the conference proceedings and made available on the digital library "IEEE Xplore" (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publisher). All articles are indexed by Scopus databases.

    Reports of the UralCon-2022

    ¹ Surnames of authors, title of report
    Section 1. Power Systems and Smart Grids
    11382V. Romanov, A. Kazantsev, A. Batishchev
    Reducing Transient Resistance in Contact Connections of Electrical Installations in Oil Industry
    11417D.A. Stepanova, V.I. Antonov, N.A. Doni
    Advantages of Transforming the Relay Protection Operating Characteristics into Characteristics in Multidimensional Space
    11460F. Molotov, A. Vaskov, T. Shestopalova
    Active-Adaptive Algorithms for Control Power Grids with RES
    11533A. Egorov, P. Pichugova
    Reseach of Number and Installed Capacity of the Russian Hydro Power Plants
    11534D. Ivanov, A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, T. Galieva
    Methods of Periodic Complex Remote Measurement of Partial Discharge Characteristics in Highvoltage Insulators
    11545U. Brachunova, V. Kozlovsky, A. Saksonov
    Study of the Influence of the Rated Voltage of the On-Board Network of a Modern Car
    11619E.A. Staruhina, A.V. Syutkin, G.A. Evdokunin
    Investigation of Ferroresonance Processes Leading to Thermal Damage of Cast-Insulated Transformers
    31013E.I. Gracheva, O.V. Naumov, T.V. Tabachnikova
    Fuzzy Logic Algorithms to Assess the Total Resistance of In-house Power Supply Systems of Factories
    63004H.M. Jassim, A. Ziuzev
    Dual Droop-Based Controllers for Hybrid Microgrid with Photovoltic and Wind Turbine Distributed Generators
    Section 2. Renewable Energ
    11719 A. Egorov, A. Savosina, M. Sadokhina
    Study of the Values of Active Power Imbalances in Power Systems Caused by Transient Operation of Solar and Wind Power Plants in the UPS of Russia
    63003A.V. Prudiy, Yu.M. Lyashenko, A.A. Nasonov
    The Energy Potential Assessment for a Road Power Plant with the Slider-Rocker Converter
    Section 3. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality
    11337V.V. Vakhnina, A.A. Kuvshinov, I.V. Chernenko
    The Features of the Alternating-Current Power Transmission Series Capacitance Under Geomagnetic Perturbances
    11398V.P. Kosteletskii, A.V. Medvedev, Y.S. Zhechev
    Method for Experimental Study of Circuits with Triple Modal Reservation in Time and Frequency Domains
    11581M.A. Samoylichenko, T.R. Gazizov
    Optimization of a Modal Filterrealized on a Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board
    11583A. Kryukov, A. Cherepanov, A. Kryukov
    Reducing Electromagnetic Influences of 25 Kv Traction Networks on Extended Metal Structures
    11585A.H. Adnan, M.E. Komnatnov, T.R. Gazizov
    TEM-cell Measurements of the Radiated Emissions from PCBs with Modal Reservation before and after Failure
    11693Maxim M. Lygin, Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadiy P. Kornilov
    Using the Principles of Cascade-Frequency Regulation during the Pperation of the Nutrient Pumps of the Factory Thermal Power Plant for the Common Manifold
    11707K. Malygin, A. Nosov, R. Surovtsev
    Analysis and Optimization of a Turn of a Meander Line with Broad-Side Coupling with Temperature Effect Consideration
    11715A.V. Medvedev
    Interconnect Routing on Two Signal Layers of a Modal Reservation PCB: a Case Study
    11717V. Nevezhin, M. Komnatnov, A. Busygina
    Research of Attenuation of the Electromagnetic Wave Amplitude by Organic Materials in a Coaxial Cell
    11722S.R. Morozov, A.M. Lakoza
    Quasi-Static Simulation of a Double-Sided PCB with Triple Modal Reservation
    11724I.E. Kazhekin, S.P. Finko
    Influence of Non-Linear Load on Single-Phase Fault Current in Electrical Networks with Isolated Neutral
    Section 4. Electrical Power Systems: Optimization and Modelling
    11297R. Khazieva, R. Aflyatunov, P. Vasilyev
    Investigation of LC Filter Function Based on Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
    11352A. Fedorov, V. Petrov, V. Naumov
    The Rules for Using Modal Transformation in Traveling Wave Fault Locator
    11380V. Romanov, V. Goldstein. A. Batishchev
    Developing Highly Effective Strategy of Oil Production Submersible Electrical Equipment Repair and Operation
    11412L. Gurina, T. Zoryna, N. Tomin
    Risk Assessment for Digitalization of Facilities of Cyber-Physical Energy System
    11440A. Galimova, A. Novikova, E. Strizhakova
    Analysis of Methods for Solving the Problem of Monitoring the Operability of the Electrical Complex of an Autonomous Transport Facility
    11479G.A. Evdokunin, A.S. Brilinskii, A.Y. Korovina
    Computer Modeling of the Processes Arising During Arcing Ground Faults in 35 kV Resistance Grounded Systems
    11498I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Yu. Klimenko
    The Simulation of Fault Prediction Processes in Distribution Energy Networks
    11529E. Mashalov
    Raiden. Power System Transient Stability Simulation Software Prototype
    11616A. Arestova, V. Ulyanov, M. Frolov
    Energy Efficiency Indicators Calculation Algorithm for Oil and Gas Production Enterprise
    11643Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadij P. Kornilov, Alexander P. Sokolov
    Development of a System for Tegulating the Excitation of Synchronous Generators of Factory Power Plants Connected to a Powerful Energy System
    11664N. Topolsky, D. Topolsky, I. Topolskaya
    Structure Optimization of the Software and Hardware Complex for Electricity Metering
    11671Yu. Samofalov, A. Alzakkar, V. Utkina
    Investigation of Contact Surfaces of Vacuum Circuit Breakers 35-110 kV Using Electron Microscopy
    11672A. Alzakkar, V. Maksimov, N. Mestnikov
    Investigation of Increasing the Stability of a Power System Using Supercapacitors
    11709O.V. Vorkunov
    Quantitative Assessment of Reliability Indicators of Electrical Circuits of 10 Kv Distribution Networks
    11716A. Yablokov, P. Kabakov, E. Gotovkina
    Investigation of the Current Conversion Error of Rogowski Coil in a Wide Temperature Range
    11729Gennady P. Kornilov, Evgeniy F. Ivanov, Ildar R. Abdulveleev
    Improving the Power Supply Reliability for Industrial Consumers through High-Speed Bus Transfer
    34009E.I. Gracheva, T.V. Tabachnikova, A.N. Gorlov
    Estimating How the Start-Up of High-Voltage Ground Electric Drive of Oil Transfer Pump Impacts the Oil Well Electric Motor Operation
    63006I. Yu. Ivanov, V.R. Ivanova, V.V. Novokreshenov
    Investigation of System Properties and Connections of Electrical Engineering Systems for Assessment of Selectivity of Power Line Differential Protection with a Series Compensation Device
    63010A. Nakataev, A. Ziuzev, S. Tecle
    Developing and Testing a Control Strategy on Electromechanical Test Bench for Operating a Group of Sucker Rod Pumps for Smoothing the Power Demand Requirement
    70003S.V. Oskin, Z.H. Naguchev, D.M. Taranov
    Investigation of the Temperature Condition of Electric Motors Using the Comsol Package
    Section 5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
    11249A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
    The New Type Brushless Generator
    11296D.M. Toporkov, I.L. Popov, S.N. Andriyashin
    Regulating Characteristics of a Two-Pack Synchronous Generator with Combined Excitation
    11326Robert Sattarov, Regina Khazieva, Maksim Ivanov, Bogdan Solovev
    Active Filters in the Power Supply of Electrified Railway Applications
    11333A. Khitrov, A. Khitrov, A. Ilyin
    Simplified Method for Calculating Mechanical Characteristics of Induction Motor Drive with Scalar Frequency Control
    11336A.A. Kuvshinov, V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko
    Impact of Geoinduced Currents on Excitation Mode of Synchronous Generator at Power Plant
    11341E. Mannanov, V. Belko, A. Kostelov
    Mathematical Modeling of Electrophysical Processes in the Turbine Generator Stator Winding Insulation System
    11369S. Florentsev, V. Polyukhovych, V. Evpakov
    Modernization of Industrial Shunting Diesel Locomotives for Technological Railway Transport
    11427N. Kuznetsov, R. Yuldashev, S. Volskiy
    Hybrid-Electric-Aircraft for Travel in Urban Environments
    11539I. Zhurov, S. Bayda, S. Florentsev
    Parameters Estimation Technique of the Induction Motor Electric Drive With the Field-Oriented Control Tacking Into Account Core Losses
    11621K.T. Tergemes, D.Sh. Amanbek, D.A. Musahan
    Investigation of the stability of the electric drive of the rocking machine for oil production
    11701Evgeny Omelchenko, Vasily Tanich, Alexey Lymar
    Skidding Process Research for a Four-Axle Shunter Electric Locomotive with a Traction Electric Drive "Frequency Converter - Asynchronous Drive"
    11726N. Lopatkin, G. Zinoviev, S. Kharitonov
    Inverter Asynchronous Electric Drive System with PAM and PWM Control
    11730Ilya A. Pesin, Aleksey A. Bochkarev, Denis O. Pustovoytov, Aleksey I. Sverchkov
    Effect of Speed Asymmetry on Power and Force Parameters of Rolling Mill Electric Drives
    11732Alexander A. Nikolaev, Alexander S. Maklakov, Ildar G. Gilemov, Michail V. Bulanov
    Experimental Studies of Power Quality in the 34.5 kV Network of MMK Metalurji during Operation of Electric Drives with Active Rectifiers
    11733M.Yu. Petushkov, S.S. Kholodilov
    Application of Wavelet Analysis for Synchronization of Current Signals in the Diagnosis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
    11734A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.G. Gilemov, I.S. Ivekeev
    Development of a Methodology to Assess the Impact Degree of High-Power Drives with Active Rectifiers on the Electricity Quality in In-plant Power Supply Systems
    11742Anton Yashin, Marat Khakimyanov
    Investigation of the Frequency-Controlled Electric Drive of the Gas Air Cooling Units
    11854A.S. Maklakov
    Grid connection circuits for powerful regenerative electric drives of rolling stands
    63009T. Petrov, V. Basenko
    Development and Creation of an Experimental Bench for Checking the Results of Topological Optimization
    Section 6. Industrial Processes Control and Automation
    11290E.Ą. Muravyova, E.R. Enikeeva, N.N. Alaeva
    Pressure and Density of the Mixture - Parameters of the System of Monitoring and Control af the Operation Mode Oil Well
    11306A. Vozmilov, V. Urmanov, A. Lisov
    Using Computer Vision to Recognize Defects on the Surface of Hot-rolled Steel
    11359A. Vozmilov, L. Andreev, S. Panishev
    The Development of a Vibration Machine with Adjustable Inertial Vibrator
    11429V.V. Evstafiev, N.V. Rudenko
    Provision of the Required Performance of Technolog-ical Processes on the Basis of Automation of Flows Redistribution
    11434T.V. Basīva, Yu.S. Andreev, M.V. Basova
    The Development of Cutting Tools Active Control Methodology for Numerical Control Milling Machines
    11473A. Sinegubov, V. Shelest
    Microprocessor-Based Device for Monitoring the Insulation Resistance of DC Systems
    11499Yu. Zatsarinnaya, G. Kovalev, R. Gainullin
    An Automated Software Package Creation for Energy Consumption Accounting
    11540D. Sorokin, S. Volskiy, A. Kornev
    High-Voltage Impulse Generator
    11556D. Markov, A. Romanov
    Implementation of the RISC-V Architecture with the Extended Zbb Instruction Set
    11611A. Yablokov, P. Kabakov
    Development and Research of the Rogowsky Coil Design with Low Sensitivity to Conductor Displacement
    11622V.V. Arzhanov, K.V. Arzhanov, A.A. Solovyev
    Microprocessor Control of the Sonar Electric Drive
    11706A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
    An Improved Leakage Current Sensor for Insulation Control Systems
    11710A.V. Starikov, A.A. Gribanov, A.A. Starikova
    Automation of Combined Irrigation System Control in Greenhouses with Electrochemically Activated Water
    11713S.T. Boltayev, Q.A. Kosimova
    Railway Point Machine Control Automation Methods
    11714V.D. Nguyen, M.V. Vartanov, V.L. Nguyen
    Identify the Position of the Shaft and Hole Using a Force-Torque Sensor in Three-Point Contact Assembly Operations
    11725I.I. Turulin, H.Sh. Mogheer
    Method and Algorithm for Synthesis of Controlled Digital Low-Pass Butterworth Filters on the Example of A 4th Order Filter
    11731A.A. Nikolaev, P.G. Tulupov, S.S. Ryzhevol, I.A. Lozhkin
    Development of a Methodology for Selecting Optimum Asymmetric Arc Combustion Modes in Ladle-Furnace Installations under Different Argon Purging Regimes
    63001E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
    Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Synthesis Process of the VS-1 Stabilizer and the Octophore-N Using a Virtual Analyzer
    70007E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
    Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Polymerization of Isoprene in an Isopentane Solution Using a Virtual Analyzer
    Section 7. Electrotechnology
    11692V.K. Kozlov, D.A. Ivanov, E.R. Kirzhatskikh
    Voltage Measuring Sensor Based on Capacitive Voltage Divider