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    The UralCon-2021 conference was held in Magnitogorsk, Lake Bannoe (in Youth training and wellness center of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University) on September 24-26th. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation during the conference and restrictions aimed at the prevention of spreading a COVID-19 coronavirus infection worldwide, the conference was held using a remote format. Participants could choose one of two formats: a traditional face-to-face format or video conference format. In the second variant a video conference format, anyone could remotely ask the speakers questions and get answers to them.

    All papers had been published in the conference proceedings and made available on the digital library "IEEE Xplore" (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publisher). All articles are indexed by Scopus databases.

    Reports of the UralCon-2021

    Surnames of authors, title of report
    Section 1. Power Systems and Smart Grids
    10050M. S. Demin, T. F. Morozova
    Software Implementation of an Algorithm on Graphs to Determine the Structural Reliability of Electrical Power Systems
    10187Aleksey A. Kuvshinov, Vera V. Vakhnina, Aleksey N. Chernenko
    Analyzing the Transmission Capacity of Distribution Grids Powering Oil and Gas Production Facilities
    10357Vladimir Korolev, Artem Vanin, Anastasiia Chernysheva
    Assessment Of The Technical and Economic Effect of Automatic Voltage Regulation Devices For 10/0.4 kV Transformers In Power Distribution Networks
    10379Alyona Demidenko, Svetlana Kudelina, Grigorij Parfenov, Galaktion Shvedov
    Analysis of the Lighting Load Contribution in Modern Apartments
    10483D. A. Stepanova, V. I. Antonov, V. A. Naumov
    Compression f the Training Sample f the Smart Protection Device without Compromising its Information Capacity
    10486Pavel V. Ilyushin, Sergey P. Filippov
    Approaches to Voltage Control in Distributed Generation-Enabled Nodes of Distribution Grids
    10495Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov
    On the Occurrence of Subsynchronous Torsional Oscillations of Gas Turbine Units in an Isolated Energy Area with an Industrial Load
    10534Alexander Fishov, Ilya Dulov, Roman Khatylenko
    The Induction Motor Model for Control Starting in Small-Scale Power Systems
    10619Dmitry Ivanov, Aleksandr G.-Kutuzov, Tatyana Galieva
    Non-Contact Methods for High-Voltage Insulation Equipment Diagnosis
    10644Oleg Yu. Maryasin, Andrey I. Lukashov
    Electricity Costs Minimization for an Industrial Building by Reducing Energy Consumption During Peak Load Hours
    10651Anatoly B. Vinogradov, Kirill K. Ermakov, Alexandr A. Korotkov
    Contained Power Station Baised on Asynchronus Electrical Generator with Short Circuit Rotor Winding And Low Power Frequency Converter
    10665Denis S. Fedosov, Nikita V. Bakeev
    Development of a Method for Providing the Breaking Capacity of High-Voltage Circuit Breakers using an Adjustable Deceleration of the Short-Circuit Clearance Time
    10675Valery Golov, Dmitry Kormilitsyn, Olga Sukhanova
    Impact of Wire Cross-Section on System Steady-State Stability without Automatic Excitation Control
    10693G. R. Titova, M. I. Malsagov, A. R. Elbazurov
    Determination of the Reliability of Power Supply Systems in High-Altitude Areas from Hybrid Power Sources Using a Logical-Probabilistic Method Based on a Dynamic Failure Tree
    10699Vitaly A. Shabanov, Elena S. Reznik
    The Adaptive Current Protection of Electric Motors at a Digital Substation
    10706Saidjon Tavarov, Khurshedshoh Boboev, Azamdzhon Davlatov
    Optimization of the 220 kV Power Grid by Reactive Power
    Section 2. Renewable Energ
    10227Andrey Puzakov
    Model of the Internal Resistance of the Starter Battery
    10301Oleg Marchenko, Sergei Solomin
    Economic Efficiency of Solar and Wind Energy Joint Use in Autonomous Power Supply Systems on Lake Baikal Coast
    10391Nikolay Mestnikov, Pavel Vasiliev, Ahmad Alzakkar
    Development of Method of Protection of Solar Panels Against Dust Pollution in the northern part of the Russian Far East
    10616N. I. Smolentsev, A. N. Ignatov, D. S. Irgibaeva
    State and Development Prospects of ENERNET Networks
    10647Elena N. Sosnina, Andrey V. Shalukho, Leonid E. Veselov
    Multi-agent Approach to SOFC-based Generation System Control
    10677Maxim Korolev, Aleksei Vaskov
    Investigation of the Application of Energy Storage Systems in Energy Complexes with Renewable Energy Sources
    10689Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Alexey Vaskov
    Development of a Methodology for Ultra-Short-Term Forecasting of Solar Radiation by Determining the Speed of the Cloud Shadow
    10690Alexey Vaskov, Inora Ainulloeva
    Development of a Prototype System for Monitoring the Operating Mode of a Solar Power Plant
    10723Sergey Voronin, Olamafruz Sultonov, Azamdzhon Davlatov
    Features of the Construction and Use of Small Hydroelectric Power Plants for Power Supply of Mountainous Regions of Tajikistan
    10725Yusong Yang, Evgeny Solomin
    Hill-Climbing Algorithm for the Wind Turbine Yaw System
    Section 3. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality
    10199V. V. Chikin, A. V. Kuznetsov
    On Improvement of the Electric Power Quality Control Mechanism in the Energy System of Russia
    10296Anatoly L. Mikhaylov, Lyudmila A. Vasilyeva, Alexander V. Serebryannikov
    The Electromagnetic Compatibility and Quasi-Optimal Linear Filtering of Measuring Signals in Power Engineering
    10482V. V. Chikin, A. V. Kuznetsov
    Differential Tariff Model for Power Quality Management
    10623A. Gudozhnikov, M. Tibryaev, M. Rashevskaya
    Studying the Arc Fault Characteristics in Low-Voltage Distribution Networks
    10694Igor Maslov, Guzal Maslova, Alexander Ishalin
    Using Information and Measuring Technologies to Improve Energy Efficiency
    Section 4. Electrical Power Systems: Optimization and Modelling
    10053Alexander Zarifyan (Jr), Mikhail Obukhov
    Electric Locomotives Energy Saving by the Discrete-Adaptive Traction Drive Control: Experimental Confirmation
    10289Alexander Bychkov, Oleg Fedyai, Roman Pudovinnikov
    Magnetizing Power at One-Sided Saturation of Power Transformers with Armored Magnetic System
    10551Ibrahim Alwazah, Sergey N. Tyumentsev, Rinat R. Nasyrov
    The Proposed Plan of a Syrian 400 Kv Grid Connection Model with the DESERTEC Project in the Syrian Arab Republic
    10643Vasily Sazykin, Alexander Bogdan, Alexander Bagmetov
    The Recloser Placement Optimization Using Digital Network Twin Tools
    10646G. A. Kilin, A. I. Suslov, B. V. Kavalerov
    Software Package for Technological System Elements Testing
    10648Mohamed A. Tolba, Ramis V. Bulatov, Maxim V. Burmeyster
    A Robust Methodology Approach based Sparrow Search Algorithm for the Incorporation of RDGs to Improve the Distribution Grid Performance
    10661Viktor V. Kokh, Michail I. Petrov, Dmitry V. Mostovoy
    Thyristors Balancing Voltage Regulator with Boost Voltage
    10662Dmitry Zolin, Elena Ryzhkova
    Digital Protection and Automation Devices RTDS Model Tests Conducting with Digital Data Transmission Protocols Using
    10679Evgeniya A. Panova
    Combined Equivalent Circuit of a Single-Circuit Power Transmission Line with a Ground Wire
    10683V. S. Romanov, V. G. Goldstein, A. M. Batishchev
    Mathematical Modeling of Cycles to Failure for Submersible Technical Systems in the Oil Industry
    10684Vera G. Podyablonskaya, Evgeniya A. Panova
    Developing an Algorithm Used to Automatically Arrange Filling Diagrams of Outdoor Switchgears with Bridge Connection
    Section 5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives
    10051Albert R. Khalikov, Ilgiz F. Yangirov, Ruzil A. Safiullin
    Electric Drive for Anti-Icing Overhead Power Lines
    10052Albert R. Khalikov, Ruzil A. Safiullin, Ilgiz F. Yangirov
    Mathematical Modeling of the Stable Rotation State of the Rotor of an Electric Machine with Sliding Bearings
    10184Vera V. Vakhnina, Aleksey A. Kuvshinov, Aleksey N. Chernenko
    Modulation of the Power Transformer Magnetizing Inductance by Variations of Geomagnetically Induced Currents during Geomagnetic Disturbances
    10282Maxim P. Sukhorukov, Yuriy A. Kremzukov, Daria S. Torgaeva
    Energy Efficiency Implement Soft Switching at Zero Voltage of Transistors in Push-Pull Converter, with a Throttle at the Input
    10328V. V. Fedotov, V. V. Rozhkov
    Development And Analysis For The Optimal Structure Of A Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter
    10348Bibigul Issabekova, Mirat Tokombaev, Assemgul Zhantlessova
    Reed Switch Protection Devices with Symmetric Component Filter without Current Transformers
    10394Alexey Stulov, Andrey Tikhonov, Vadim Mizonov
    Structure Design and Mathematical Apparatus of Electromechanical Equipment Digital Twin Generator
    10478Sergei Eremochkin, Danil Dorokhov
    Research of the Characteristics of Induction Motor with a Single-Phase Frequency Converter in the Matlab Simulink Environment
    10481Anatoliy N. Kazak, Nikolay N. Oleinikov, Dmitry V. Samokhvalov
    Merging Roles in the Production of Massive Online Electric Drive Courses
    10519Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Assemgul Zhantlessova
    Filter Reed-switch Current Protections
    10520Dinara Amirbek, Kuanysh Shakhaev
    Logic Synthesis of Algorithms of 4/3-Circuit Protection Operation
    10559Akilya Galimova, Anna Novikova, Elena Strizhakova
    Monitoring of the Insulation Resistance of the Power Supply Buses of Autonomous Objects
    10612Grigory Malinin, Leonid Sevrikov
    Simplified Time Domain Analysis of the LLC Resonant Converter
    10622Robert Sattarov, Regina Khazieva, Maksim Ivanov
    Integrated LC-components for Electrical Systems and Devices
    10640Regina Khazieva, Radmir Aflyatunov, Petr Vasilyev
    Modeling a Semiconductor Compensator Based on a Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
    10649Alexander Sokolov, Timofey Shadrikov
    Method for Calculating Increased Frequency High-Voltage Power Transformer
    10660V. A. Kizin, A. Yu. Smirnova, S. S. Shovkoplyas
    Study on the Dead Zone of the Operation of the Automatic Device for Elimination of the Asynchronous Operation of Overhead Power Transmission Lines
    10663Aleksandr Savenko, Pavel Savenko
    Experimental Studies of Operating Modes of Electric Drive in Bow Thruster as a Part of the Ship Electrical System
    10668Alexey A. Kiriyakin, Evgeniy V. Shchetinin
    Calculation of Eddy Current Losses in Permanent Magnets of Synchronous Turbine Generators by the Sweep Method
    10670Yu. V. Zubkov, V. E. Vereshagin
    Designing of High Speed Permanent Magnet Electric Machines with Rotor Strength Verification
    10671Y. M. Safonov, N. N. Fedortsov, N. N. Dulnev, D. A. Blagodarov
    The Predictive Diagnosis Method of Electric Drive State via an Artificial Neural Network
    10673Fedor A. Gelver, Igor V. Belousov, Aleksandr V. Saushev, Veniamin F. Samoseiko
    Practice and Prospects for Implementing an Electric Drive Based on a Reluctance Machine with Magnetically Anisotropic Conductive Rotor
    10680Maxim A. Fedin, Alexandr B. Kuvaldin, Sergey S. Kondrashov
    Calculation of the Process of Induction Melting of Corrosion-Resistant Coatings
    10681Anton Yashin, Marat Khakimyanov
    Wattmeter Cards Analysis of Oil-Producing Pumps Electric Drives
    10686V. F. Syvokobylenko, S. N. Tkachenko
    Estimation of Deep Bar Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit Parameters from Starting and Load Conditions
    10691Ekaterina Kurbatova, Egor Kuschenko, Timofey Zolotarev
    Axial Type Homopolar HTS Machine for Flywheel Energy Storage System
    10692Nikolay N. Lopatkin
    Weighted THD Factors Evaluation of Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Space Vector Control under Common-Mode Voltage Elimination
    10696Evgeny Omelchenko, Vasily Tanich, Alexey Lymar
    Skidding Research of a Traction Asynchronous Electric Drive in the Electric Locomotive on a Dynamic Model
    10698Nikolay N. Lopatkin
    New Implementation of Common-Mode-Voltage-Eliminating Nearest-Vector-Selecting Space Vector Control for Three-Phase Multilevel Inverter
    10704Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadij P. Kornilov, Alexander P. Sokolov, Dmitrij M. Mazitov
    Overview of Existing Systems for Automatic Control of Excitation of Synchronous Generators and Their Adaptation in the Conditions of Industrial Power Plants of Metallurgical Enterprises
    10705Alexander A. Nikolaev, Ildar G. Gilemov, Michail V. Bulanov
    Influence Investigation of Electric Drive Operation Mode at a Rolling Mill FC with AR on the 10kV Supply Network Voltage Quality
    10707A. A. Nikolaev, M. Yu. Afanasev, M. V. Bulanov
    Improving Power Quality in Power Supply Systems for Rolling Mills FC-AR Due to the Use of Specialised Passive Filters
    10719AKhurshedshoh Boboev, Alexander Sidorov, Azamdzhon Davlatov
    Evaluation of Indirect Methods for Determining the Isolation Parameters of the Network Phases Relative to the Ground on a Computer Model
    Section 6. Industrial Processes Control and Automation
    10054Igor V. Bochkarev, Ivan V. Bryakin, Vadim R. Khramshin
    Ferroprobe Magnetometer with Preset Excitation Field Induction Mode
    10055Aleksandr Prasolov, Sergey Andreev, Valeriya Stebeleva
    Automatic Optimization Operating Time of the Hot Blast Stoves Parallel Mode
    10177Anton Kolesnikov, Alexander Kulikov, Irina Lukicheva
    Increasing the Reliability of the Centralized Protection of the Digital Substation
    10193Vladimir Tsyganov
    Electricity Costs Control with Supervised Learning
    10255Oleg S. Dolgov, Aleaxander I. Kolosov, B. . Safoklov
    Study of the Effectiveness of the Introduction of Laser Projection System in the Process of Technological Preparation of the Production of Aircraft Structures From Polymer Composite Materials
    10283Alexandr Slavutskiy, Leonid Slavutskii, Elena Slavutskaya
    Neural Network for Real-Time Signal Processing: the Nonlinear Distortions Filtering
    10303Anton A. Gulko, Andrey N. Serov
    Analysis of the Instrumentation Amplifiers Errors By Simulation Modeling
    10304A. V. Pashkovskiy, A. A. Evdokimov, N. N. Merzlova
    Analysis of the Accuracy of the Standard Elements Method when Modeling the Magnetic Field in Parts of Electrical Machines with Narrow Elements, Angular Zones and Oscillation in Conditions at the Border
    10315Sergey Ivanov, Maxim Nikandrov, Aleksandr Lariukhin
    Neuro Algorithm Accuracy Evaluation For The Anomalies Detecting In Overcurrent Protection Operation
    10334Vyacheslav Medvedev, Oksana Nadezhdina, Oksana Sveklova
    Numerical Study of Corrosion Cracks in Grounding of Electrical Substations with their Stochastic Origins
    10339Vladimir Lebedev, Galina Filatova, Natalya Kuzmina
    Development of a Method for Location of a Damaged Overhead Power Line Section in Case of Single-Phase Earth Faults
    10352Galina Filatova, Aleksey Petrov
    Development of a Fault Location Method on an Overhead Power Line with a Branch
    10355Victor I. Kotenev, Aleksandr D. Stulov
    Controlling the Reactive Power of the Enterprises Power Supply System with the Task Correction According to the Current Calculation Meter Readings
    10362V. A. Zhmud, L. V. Dimitrov, O. V. Stukach
    Damping of Oscillations by Weak Nonlinear Regulator with Extended Range of Quality Control
    10426Alina Sherstneva, Olga Sherstneva
    Communication Network Analysis Based On Reliability Parameters
    10464Alexander S. Semenov, Yuriy V. Bebikhov, Viktoriya M. Khubieva
    The Application of Mathematical Modeling and Instrumental Control for Optimization of Electric Power Systems
    10488R. B. Salikhov, V. Kh. Abdrakhmanov, T. T. Yumalin
    Experience of Using Bluetooth Low Energy to Develop a Sensor Data Exchange System Based on the NRF52832 Microcontroller
    10489V. Kh. Abdrakhmanov, R. B. Salikhov, A. A. Zinnatulina
    Research of the Implementation Possibility of the Precise GPS Positioning Technology
    10614Aleksey Fedorov, Vladimir Petrov, Vladimir Naumov, Dmitriy Arkadiev
    Traveling Wave Fault Location Reliability Improving
    10624Alexander S. Semenov, Mariya N. Semenova, Yuriy V. Bebikhov
    Mathematical Simulation of a PI Speed Controller for a Separately Excited DC Motor
    10625Ilya Petryashin, Tatyana Kartuzova, Alexander Petryashin
    Simulated Model Relay Protection Training
    10630Ilsiyar I. Bikmullina, Radik R. Vafin
    Method for Selecting a Set of Image Files Similar to the Object of Interest
    10642N. A. Tseligorov, A. V. Chubukin, E. N. Tseligorova
    Investigation of the Robust Stability of a Gas Turbine Engine
    10645N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, I. A. Ramazanov
    Laser Gyroscope Parameters Measuring System Development
    10654Ilnaz D. Shafigullin, Evgeny S. Denisov, Yury K. Evdokimov
    Automated System for Physical Fields Measurements Based on a Quasi-distributed Resistive Sensor
    10658Pavel A. Rashitov, Oleg I. Ignatyev, Maria I. Fedorova
    Topology of a Boost Balancing Device in a Three-Phase Distribution Network
    10685Ilya Kovalev, Maxim Solodkov, Maxim Nenarokomov
    Development of the System "Network Analytics" for Analyzing Data Received from Power System Protection
    10716Artem T. Nasibullin, Evgeniya A. Panova
    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the use of Adaptive Algorithms for Relay Protection of a Large Industrial Substation
    Section 7. Electrotechnology
    10395Y. N. Bulatov, A. V. Kryukov, K. V. Suslov
    Simulation of Gas Turbine Plant Modes with Prognostic Controllers in an Isolated Power Supply System with Asynchronous Load
    10674Maxim A. Fedin, Alexander R. Lepeshkin, Alexey O. Kuleshov
    Development Structural Model of the Induction Heater for the Synthesis of Nitride Materials