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    The UralCon conference was held in Chelyabinsk on October 1-3th at the premises of South Ural State University (national research university). The conference was devoted to the discussion of the most promising recent developments and to search for the most innovative solutions in the field of electrical power engineering in terms of generation, transformation, distribution and consumption.

    All papers had been published in the conference proceedings and made available on the digital library "IEEE Xplore" (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publisher). All articles are indexed by Scopus and WoS databases.

    Reports of the UralCon-2020

    ¹ Surnames of authors, title of report
    Section 1. Distributed Energy Systems and Smart Grids
    8888Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Vadim R. Khramshin, Sergey V. Koryakin
    Device for Data Communication along Power Lines
    8932Yuliya Zatsarinnaya, Alla Logacheva, Konstantin Suslov
    Outlook on the Development of Smart Energy Systems
    8959Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Edward K. Shumansky
    Simulation of Power Supply Systems Operating Modes with Distributed Generation Plants Based on Asynchronized Generators
    9027Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov, Sergey P. Filippov
    How Distributed Energy Sources Affect Technical Requirements to Relay Protection and Automation
    9145Natalya Zaytseva, Denis Fedosov
    Development of an Algorithm for Improving the Reliability of Digital Differential Protection in Transient Modes
    9173O. O. Akhmedova, A. G. Soshinov, K. N. Bakhtiarov
    Performance Analysis of Algorithms for an Information and Control System of Relay Protection Equipped with an Adjustment Unit
    9348Elena N. Sosnina, Nikita V. Shumskii, Pavel A. Shramko
    Development of a Distributed Energy Router Control System Based on a Neural Network
    9379Roman L. Gorbunov, Nikita A. Sevostyanov, Dmitri A. Shtein
    Frequency-Selective Impedance Control for DC Microgrids
    9384Ivan Lipuzhin
    Stability Issues for Modern Microgrids
    9464A. M. Gataullin
    High Voltage Electrical Insulators Diagnostics by Partial Discharges Characteristics
    Section 2. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems
    8785I. B. Makhsumov, I. M. Kirpichnikova
    Modeling the process of energy generation by solar modules using holographic thermal protection
    8786Vladislav Nezevak, Vasyliy Cheremisin
    Prediction of Bandwidth Increase of Railways Areas at the Change Expense of The Direct Current Traction Power Supply System Characteristics by Implementation of Electric Storage Units
    9007G. N. Tseyzer, O. S. Ptashkina-Girina, G. N. Ryavkin
    Development of Mathematical Model of Joint Work of Heat Pump and Cogeneration Power Plant
    9008G. N. Ryavkin, E. V. Solomin, O. J. Abdalgbar
    Solar Tracker with Self-Deploying System
    9242Evgeny Solomin, Ting Hou, Xiaotong Ma, Yiran Sun
    Design and Optimization of Power Harvesting and Distribution for Offshore Wind Farms Using Semi-Physical Simulation
    9243Evgeny Solomin, Liu Liu, Ma Li, Pronay Kumar Paul
    Energy Storage Control Strategy Based on Wind Prediction and Wavelet Packet
    9291Elena N. Sosnina, Andrey V. Shalukho, Leonid E. Veselov
    Research and Development of the Power Supply System Based on Biogas-Powered SOFC for an Agricultural Enterprise
    9392I. M. Kirpichnikova, V. V. Shestakova
    System for Cleaning the Surface of Solar Modules from Dust Pollution
    9558Evgeny M. Gordievsky, Alexey Miroshnichenko, Askar Kulganatov
    Simulation Model of Solar Power Installation in Matlab Simulink Program
    9564Alexander V. Bogdan, Vladimir A. Bogdan, Konstantin A. Garkavyi
    The Influence of Power Load Distribution on Losses in the Line when Connecting Solar Panels
    Section 3. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality
    8973Svetlana Makasheva, Pavel Pinchukov
    Power Quality: Harmonic Current Distortion, Standards, Field Testing and Evaluation
    9034S. V. Oskin, A. S. Makarenko, A. V. Miroshnikov
    Increased Probability of Proper Operation of Filter Protection Devices Against Phase Failure at Voltage Asymmetry in Rural Electrical Networks
    9041A. Sekachev, S. Slobodyan
    Mathematical Model of Piezoelectric Element Noise: Influence on Nanosensor–Actuator Quality
    9075Aleksandr V. Cherepanov, Aleksandr E. Kryukov
    Determining the Induced Voltages, Generated By High-Voltage OPL, on a Pipeline in the Presence of Longitudinal and Transversal Unsymmetry
    9220A. Zhurkin, Yu. Matyunina, M. Rashevskaya
    Application of the Short Time Fourier Transform for Calculating Electric Energy Losses under the Conditions of a Non-Sinusoidal Voltage
    9231Valery Dovgun, Denis Egorov, Sergei Temerbaev
    Passive Filtering Systems for Multipulse Rectifiers
    9248Igor V. Levashov, Alexander A. Shatokhin, Andrey N. Serov
    Comparative Analysis of the Digital Measurement Methods of Active Power with the Application of Approximation Polynomials
    9376Roman Klyuev, Ramzan Turluev, Aslanbek Khadzhiev
    Analysis of Power Quality and Pumping Units Operation’s Optimization
    9386Khurshedshoh Boboev, Alexander Sidorov, Olga Khanzhina
    Determining Ground Insulation Parameters in Quarry Distribution Networks of Mining Companies in Tajikistan
    Section 4. High Voltage Direct Current and Flexible AC Transmission Systems
    9052Ibrahim Alwazah, Rinat R. Nasyrov, Faisal Shaban
    The Importance of Grounding in HVDC Power Transmission Systems
    9375Madina Plieva, Evgeniya Gurieva, Elina Lysokon
    Analysis of Different Modes of Cleaning Insulators of Air Transmission Lines in Mountain Conditions
    9415Valery Golov, Andrew Kalutskov , Dmitry Kormilitsyn
    Controlled Series Compensation of High Voltage Lines to Increase Transmission Capacity
    Section 5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives
    8936Anatoly Bychkov, Leonid Slavutskii, Elena Slavutskaya
    Neural Network for Pulsed Ultrasonic Vibration Control of Electrical Equipment
    8953Konstantin Bykov, Nadezhda Lazareva, Victor Yarov
    Push-Pull Step-Up DC/DC Converters with Closed Input
    8954Alexey Stulov, Andrey Tikhonov, Irina Snitko
    Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Power Transformers Smart Design
    9028Andrey Puzakov
    Spectral Analysis of Output Voltage of the Automotive Alternator
    9039V. S. Romanov, V. G. Goldstein
    Improving the Reliability of Submersible Electric Motors in the Electrical Supply Systems of the Oil Industry
    9061I. A. Khudonogov, Å. Yu. Puzina, A. G. Tuigunova
    The Use of “Technical Rigidity” Indices to Assess Climatic Factors Effects on Power Transformers Reliability
    9172Yury P. Filushov, Gennady M. Simakov, Marina A. Pavlova
    Effective Work of a Synchron Machine with Different Magnetic Conductivity on Permanent Magnets Excitation
    9212Yuliya Zatsarinnaya, Konstantin Suslov, Albert Danilin
    Assessment of the Technical Condition of Turbogenerators by Partial Discharges
    9271Regina Yu. Sarakhanova, Maksim A. Zharkov
    Method of Íigher Harmonic Components Compensation in the Output Voltage Spectrum of the Starter-Generator System of the Aircraft
    9277Mark Kletsel, Alexandr Barukin, Aset Gabdulov
    Construction of Resource-Saving Differential Protections for Converter Units with Transformers with 2N Secondary Windings and 2N Rectifiers
    9312Mark Kletsel, Alexandr Barukin, Bauyrzhan Mashrapov
    Designs for Mounting Reed Switches in Vicinity of AC and DC Buses
    9315Bauyrzhan Mashrapov, Olzhas Talipov , Rizagul Mashrapova
    Overcurrent Protection Scheme Utilising Reed Switches Instead of Current Transformers
    9320Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Popkov, Evgenij Koptjaev
    Evolution and Development Prospects of Electric Propulsion Systems of Large Sea Ship
    9404Sergey Shutemov, Dmitry Chirkov, Alexander Plyusnin
    The Control System of the Cylindrical Linear AC Electronic Motor of the Actuating Mechanism
    9406B. V. Kavalerov, S. V. Shutemov, M. M. Muha
    Experimental Researches of the Cylindrical Linear AC Electronic Motor for the Executive Mechanism for Materials Application
    9424Maksim A. Zharkov, Regina Yu. Sarakhanova
    Analysis of Current State of the Starting Device for Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
    9426Nikita A. Dobroskok, Viktor S. Lavrinovskiy, Nataliia S. Serebrova
    Simplified Analysis of Multichannel Semiconductor High Power Converter
    9442Aleksandr Savenko, Pavel Savenko
    Analysis of Power Oscillations Parameters in Autonomous Electrical Complexes Using the Method of Customization Charts Designing
    9444L. M. Inakhodova, A. L. Frolov, K. V. Frolov
    Issues of Development of the Mathematical Model of Superconducting Transformer with an Amorphous Core
    9459Vladimir L. Kodkin, Alexandr S. Anikin
    The Reflection Mode of the Moment Loads by an Asynchronous Electric Drive with Vector Control and the Features of this Mode in the Rotation Drive of the Tower Crane
    9532Gennady Ptakh Alexey Bobrov Vitaly Shapovalov
    Test Results of Prototype of Low-power Switched Reluctance Electric Drive with Integrated Design
    9586S. S. Shovkoplyas, L. A. Zhlobitsky, I. S. Bakaev
    Control Systems for High Voltage Thyristor Arms of Ice Melting Plants on Overhead Transmission Lines
    Section 6. Electrical Power Systems Optimization and Modelling
    8930D. S. Zolin, E. N. Ryzhkova
    Characteristic of Functional Subsystems of Electrical Grid Control Centers
    8976V. I. Biryulin, D. V. Kudelina, O. M. Larin
    Use of a Fuzzy Neural Network to Evaluate the Cable Lines Insulation State
    8985A. V. Varganova, A. S. Irihov, A. N. Shemetov
    External Power Supply Reliability Assessment to Consumers of 6-10 kV of the Substations of 35 kV and Higher
    9002Aleksandr Kulikov, Anton Loskutov, Pavel Pelevin
    The Method of Faulted Section Estimation for Combined Overhead and Cable Power Lines Using Double-Ended Measurements
    9003Natalya V. Buyakova, Andrey V. Kryukov, Dmitry A. Seredkin
    Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields Occurring at Intersection of Traction Networks and Three-Circuit Power Supply Line
    9010Yakov M. Kashin, Alexeó S. Knyasev, Alexander V. Samorodov
    Analysis of the Relationship between the Ratio of the Basic Dimensions of the Generator Units and their Design at the Predesign Stage
    9016Tatyana Kartuzova, Ilya Petryashin, Alexander Petryashin
    Approximation Method to Set Relay Protection Response Characteristics
    9077V. E. Pavlov, I. G. Peregudova
    Study of Conditions for Group Self- Starting High-Voltage Electric Drives in Turbo Mechanisms
    9090Alina Sherstneva, Olga Sherstneva
    Analysis of Statistical Information for Data Trend Forecasting
    9094I. Y. Lvovich, A. P. Preobrazhenskiy, O. N. Choporov
    Modeling Consumer Load Control in Distributed Electrical Networks
    9100Denis Moiseev, Nataliya Galanina, Nadezhda Ivanova
    Development of the Software Package of Diagnostics of the Centralized Relay Protection and Automation System
    9109Victor I. Kotenev, Aleksandr V. Kotenev, Aleksandr D. Stulov
    Controlling the Reactive Power Factor of a Combined Load Power Supply System and the Correction of Program as a Function of Current Power Consumption
    9123Georgy Evdokunin, Yuri Seleznev, Anna Petrova
    Study of Arcing Faults in 35 kV Isolated Neutral and Resonant Grounded Systems Using Mathematical Model of Arc Gap
    9124Alina Sherstneva, Olga Sherstneva
    Modelling the Functioning of Infocommunication System
    9139Pavel A. Rashitov, Dmitry V. Mostovoy, Dmitry A. Seregin
    Comparative Analysis of Devices for Improvement Quality of Power Supply in 0.38 kV Distribution Networks in Rural Area and Inner Suburbs
    9170Ibrahim Alwazah, Rinat R. Nasyrov, Raseel Aljendy
    Analysis of the Performance of Syrian 400kV Electrical Network
    9184Marat R. Surakov, Ivan V. Prakhov, Azat S. Khismatullin
    Software and Hardware System Development for Determining Pump-and-Compressor Equipment Technical State
    9185Ivan V. Prakhov, Azat S. Khismatullin
    Development of a Hardware-Software Complex for Determining the Technical Condition of Pumping Equipment
    9283Ilkhom Abdulloev, Bakhtiyor Abdulloev, Nekkadam Odinaev
    Mathematical Modeling of the Grounding Devices Corrosion Process
    9305Pavel Y. Gubin, Vladislav P. Oboskalov
    An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the Very Fast Simulated Annealing Method for Optimal Generating Units Maintenance by EENS Criteria
    9325Valery G. Goldshteyn, Aleksandr S. Vedernikov, Nikolay V. Tanaev
    Mathematical Models of Short-Circuit and Break Modes in Electric Networks with Multi-Circuitoverhead Lines
    9397Roman Klyuev, Mariet Madaeva, Marem Umarova
    Mathematical Modeling of Specific Power Consumption of Electrolyzers
    9407Valeriy Pupin, Dmitrii Safono, Oleg Fedorov
    Modeling and Research of Operating Modes of Oil and Gas Pumping Stations to Determine the Requirements for Automation Devices
    9428Mariya Ubaseva, Vladimir Petrov, Vladislav Antonov
    The Novel Method for Determining Locations of a Double Ground Fault in Networks with Isolated Neutral
    9447Renat G. Minullin, Yuriy V. Piskovatskiy, Vasil A. Kasimov
    Model and Experimental Detection of Single Phase-to-Earth Faults of Overhead Conductors in 6-10 Kv Distribution Circuits by a Location Method
    9601A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov, V. S. Ivekeev
    Comparative Analysis of Modern Electric Control Systems of Electric Arc Furnaces
    Section 7. Electromagnetic and Heat Applications
    9000Alexey Vlasov, Vladimir Poletaev
    Research of Magnetic-Liquid Shaft Sealers of Electric Motors
    9460Kirill Blinov, Boris Kachanov, Yuri Blinov
    Advanced High Frequency Electrotechnologies
    9573Alexander Sokolov, Timofey Shadrikov
    Increased Frequency Alternating Current Systems for the Electrothermal Processing of Composite Materials
    9588A. G. Vozmilov, A. A. Evdokimov, V. I. Charykov
    Simulation of Semiconductor Converter for Electromagnetic Separator