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    The UralCon conference was held in Chelyabinsk on October 1-3th at the premises of South Ural State University (national research university). The conference was held as the International Ural Conference on Electrical Power Engineering and devoted to the discussion of the most promising recent developments and to search for the most innovative solutions in the field of electrical power engineering in terms of generation, transformation, distribution and consumption.

    All papers had been published in the conference proceedings and made available on the digital library "IEEE Xplore" (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers publisher). All articles are indexed by Scopus and WoS databases.

    Reports of the UralCon-2019

    ¹ Surnames of authors, title of report
    Section 1. Distributed Energy Systems and Smart Grids
    7206Olga V. Gazizova, Yuliya N. Kondrashova, Alexander P. Sokolov
    Analysis of Short Circuit Transients with Separate Operation of Iron and Steel Industry Power Plant with Account of Dynamic Characteristics of Industrial Load
    7232E. B. Kolesnikov, D.M. Shprekher, S.B. Malkov
    Automated System Ensuring Uninterrupted Water Supply for Small Settlements
    7289Sirojiddin R. Chorshanbiev, Galaktion V. Shvedov, Firdavs O. Ismoilov
    Development of Method for Photovoltaic Generation Control by Electrical Network Relative Power Losses Minimization Criteria
    7306Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Nguyen Van Huan
    Reduction in Microgrids Voltage Dips Based on Power Accumulators and Controlled Distributed Generation Plants
    7330Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov
    Extending Permissible Modes Band for Distributed Generation Units Under Voltage Dips in Power Grid
    7337A.M. Gataullin
    Insulators Electrical Strength Estimation under AC Applied Voltage
    7347Alexander Fedotov, Rinat Misbakhov, Kamil Bakhteev, Natalia Chernova
    Use of Electrochemical Storages for Small Generation Systems
    7376Alina V. Buzikayeva, Viktor I. Susdorf, Sergey P. Cherniy
    Modeling Multi-Cascade Fuzzy Controller with Integrated Implementation of Various Control Laws
    7509Evgeny Tretyakov, Grigory Golovnev
    Voltage Control in Distribution Electric Rail Networks Using Reactive Power Sources Based on Agent-Based Approach
    7651Andrey V. Shalukho, Ivan A. Lipuzhin, Alexander A. Voroshilov
    Power Quality in Microgrids with Distributed Generation
    7698Vladimir Shuin, Tatiana Shadrikova, Olga Dobryagina
    Method to Increase Dynamic Stability of Adaptive Current Protection Against Earth Faults in 6–10 kV Cable Networks
    7932Rinat Sh. Misbakhov
    Combined Raman DTS and Address FBG Sensor System for Distributed and Point Temperature and Strain Compensation Measurements
    7936Rinat Sh. Misbakhov
    Combined Brillouin OFDA and Address FBG Sensor System for Distributed and Point Temperature Measurements
    7937Maxim G. Popov, Nikolai G. Pavlov, Denis E. Petrushin
    Modern Automatics For Elimination Of Asynchronous Operation
    7943Alexey Kralin, Evgeny Kryukov, Vladimir Eremenko
    Thyristor Voltage Regulator Application in Radial Electrical Networks for Power Flow Control
    7947Mikhail Frolov, Ilya Dulov, Irina Yunusova
    Identification of Asynchronous Motor Parameters in Operational Mode
    7965Elena N. Sosnina, Andrey V. Shalukho, Alexander A. Voroshilov
    Improving Efficiency of Standalone Power Supply Systems Based on Virtual Power Plant Technologies
    8029M A Urakseev, K V Vazhdaev, A.R. Sagadeev
    Fiber-Optical Sensor with an Acousto-Optical Filter for Monitoring the Status of Overhead Power Lines
    8030M A Urakseev, K V Vazhdaev, A.R Sagadeev.
    Contactless Control of Transformer Oil Temperature at Substation Using Raman-Nath Acousto-Optic Cell
    Section 2. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Systems
    7351George Palkin, Lily Tereshkova, Roman Gorbunov
    Evaluating Efficiency of Methods for Automatic Orientation Solar Panel Batteries to Position with Maximum output Electrical Power
    7443Roman Klyuev, Igor Bosikov, Oksana Gavrina
    Use of Wind Power Stations for Energy Supply to Consumers in Mountain Territories
    7453V.I. Biryulin, A.N. Gorlov, D.V. Kudelina
    Increase of Solar Power Plant Work Efficiency
    7644N. I. Smolentsev, A. N. Ignatov, Y. L. Bondarev
    Selection of Energy Storage Parameters in a Distributed Network and Control of its Operation Modes
    7667Elena V.Platonova, Andrey S. Toropov, Alexander N. Tulikov
    Simulation of Energy Input to Solar Panels
    7793S.V. Mitrofanov, D.K. Baykasenov, A.U. Nemaltsev
    Operation of Solar Power Plant with Solar Tracker in Orenburg region during the winter
    7832Kirill V. Arzhanov
    Tracking Autonomous Photovoltaic Installations for Sun under Action of Wind Load
    7945Evgeny Gordievsky, Evgeny Sirotkin, Alexey Miroshnichenko
    Development of Mobile Power Complex Model on Renewable Energy Sources for Autonomous Electrical Supply of Russian Far Eastern Region
    Section 3. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality
    7199Sergey Voronin, Azamdzhon Davlatov, Bakhtiyor Kosimov
    Development Directions of Power Supply for Rural Areas of Tajikistan
    7230Alexander S. Semenov, Ayaal N. Egorov, Oleg V. Fedorov
    Electromagnetic Compatibility of ACS5000 & PF7000 High-Voltage Frequency Converters Used within Processing Unit
    7508Ivan E. Migalev, Alexander A. Soshnikov, Eugene V. Titov
    Technology of Electromagnetic Radiation Danger Presentation
    7996Andrey N. Serov, Nikolay A. Serov, Ekaterina A. Dolgacheva
    Application of Phase Shift for Reactive Power Measurement
    8001Gennady Zinoviev, Nikolay Lopatkin
    Method for Calculating Electromagnetic Compatibility Indicators of Nonlinear Consumers of Common DC Bus With PWM
    8032Nikolay Lopatkin
    Zero Sequence Voltage Phasor Positioning Under Balanced Three-Phase Supply
    Section 4. High Voltage Direct Current and Flexible AC Transmission Systems
    7295S.S. Shovkoplyas, D.A. Chernomaz, E.I. Satsuk
    Ensuring Reliable Operation of Electrical Network During Ice Formation on Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines
    7419Ibrahim Alwazah, Rinat R. Nasyrov, Raseel Aljendy
    Solving Problem of Electric Power Shortage Using HVDC
    7551Vladimir Naumov, Vladislav Antonov, Nikolay Ivanov
    Information Component Recognition in Fault Signals for Relay Protection of Electric Grids with HVDC
    Section 5. Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives
    12003V.V. Shokhin, O.V. Permyakova, T.R. Khramshin, A.L. Karyakin
    Analyzing the DTC System Structure with the help of Modeling
    7264Yu.V.Zubkov, Yu.A.Makarichev, V.E.Antropov
    Finding Electromagnetic Loads and Magnetic-Field Factors in Design of Integrated Brushless Excitation DC Generator
    7267Alexey Stulov, Andrey Tikhonov, Andrey Karzhevin
    Model of Special Transformer for Transient Processes Analysis in Three-Phase Mode
    7334Leonid German, Aleksandr Serebryakov, Vladimir Osokin
    Three-stage Filter Compensating Installation of Traction Network of Alternating Current
    7398Aleksandr Savenko
    Development of Method for Eliminating Exchangeable Power Fluctuations in Shipboard Electrical Systems
    7466Evgeniy Omelchenko, Alexey Beliy, Igor Kozhevnikov
    Electric Drive System Study in Scientific and Educational Center “Schneider Electric – Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University”
    7532Anatoly Bychkov, Irina Bychkova, Leonid Slavutskii
    Active Ultrasonic Vibration Control of Electrical Equipment: Correlation Signal Processing
    7539Elena Limonnikova, Alexander Cherevko, Sergey Platonenkov
    Thermal Modes Analysis of Operation of Transformer with Rotating Magnetic Field
    7544Ilya Kuz’min, Alexander Cherevko, Mikhail Muzyka
    Mathematical Model of Two-Bridge Multi-Shouldered Adjustable Rectifier Unit Based on Transformer with Rotating Magnetic Field Equipped with Odd Section Count of Both Circular Windings
    7589Nurzat D. Taabaldiyeva, Telegen A. Dzhunuev, Sirojiddin R. Chorshanbiev
    Resistive Model of Synchronous Machines
    7609Andrei V. Solomin, Vladimir A. Solomin, Nadezhda A. Trubitsina
    Approaches to Modeling Current Distribution in Winding of Linear Induction Motor with Trans-verse Magnetic Flux
    7635Andrei V. Solomin Anastasia A. Chekhova
    Magnetic Field and Current Displacement in Groove of Secondary Element of Adjustable Linear Induction Motor
    7649Anatoly V. Stepanov, Vitaly N. Enin
    Sensorless Control of Low-power Brushless DC Motor Based on the Use of Back-EMF
    7712Veniamin F. Samoseiko, Alecsander V. Saushev, Nadezhda V. Belousova
    Asynchronous Motor Control Algorithm With Parameter Identification
    7735Ivan Smolyanov, Nikolay Tarchutkin, Daria Gasheva
    Influence of Magnetic Field Attenuation on Linear Induction Motor Performance
    7751Georgiy Roschupkin , Mikhail Novikov, Daniil Shevtsov
    Analysis Of PFC Converters Efficiency in Low Voltage Power Systems
    7826Oleg V. Nos, Ekaterina E. Abramushkina, Sergey A. Kharitonov
    Control Design of Fast Response PLL for FACTS Applications
    7963Alexander Serebryannikov, Grigory Malinin, Alexander Kazenov
    Algorithm for Asymmetric Control of Power Transistors in DC-DC Converter with Series-Resonant Inverter for Solar Power Plants
    7977Iurii Plotnikov, Vladimir Polyakov, Nikita Postnikov
    Accuracy Investigation of Automatic Control System for DC-DC Converter in Frequency-Controlled Electric Drives with Supercapacitors
    7982Vladimir Polyakov, Iurii Plotnikov, Nikita Postnikov
    Comparative Analysis of DC/DC Converter Control Systems for Variable-Frequency Drives with Supercapacitors
    7993Alexander Golubev, Vladimir Martynov, Alexey Aleynikov, Valery Karachov
    Mathematical Model of Radial Electromagnetic Force for Low-Noise Synchronous Permanent Magnet Drive
    8019Georgiy Pyatibratov, Anzhela Danshina, Lermont Altunyan
    Adaptive Force Control in Driven Equipment of Manipulator with Parallelogram Linkage
    8025Kirill V. Arzhanov, Vladimir V. Arzhanov, Michail L. Trubnikov
    Rectifier Drives for Delivery of Geophysical Devices in Directional and Horizontal Wells
    Section 6. Electrical Power Systems Optimization and Modelling
    12001A.A. Shiyan, A.A. Sarlybaev, N.N. Druzhinin, L.I. Antropova, O.I. Karandaeva
    Vibration-Based Monitoring of Electrotechnical Systems of an Iron-and-Steel Enterprise
    12002A.S. Karandaev, S.I. Lukyanov, R.G. Mugalimov, A.S. Sarvarov, M.Yu. Petushkov
    Design of Smart Technical Condition Analysis Systems for Electric Equipment of an Iron-and-Steel Enterprise
    7318Raseel I. Aljendy, Rinat R. Nasyrov, V.N. Tulsky , Hamdy M. Sultan
    Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources for Active Power Shortage Minimization
    7322Sergey Gandzha, Bakhtiyor Kosimov, Dilshod Aminov
    Development of System of Multi-level Optimization for Brushless Direct Current Electric Machines
    7353Elena Gracheva, Alsu Alimova
    Ñalculation Methods and Comparative Analysis of Losses of Active and Electric Energy in Low Voltage Devices
    7354G.V. Shvedov, A.S. Shchepotin
    Analysis of Error Range in Calculation of Load Electric Power Losses in Wires of Overhead Transmission Lines when Neglecting Influence of Meteorological Factors
    7413Sergey Gandzha, Anton Kotov, Nikolay Neustroev
    Geometry Optimization of Asynchronous Synchronous Alternator with Using Generalized Variables
    7473V.I. Biryulin, A.N. Gorlov, D.V. Kudelina
    System of Cable Lines Insulation Control
    7528Aleksander Fedotov, Evgeny Fedotov, Georgii Vagapov
    Simulation of Fault Mode in Power Grid
    7533Dmitry A. Etingov, Denis S. Fedosov
    Development of Restraint Algorithm for Improvement of Reliability of Transformer Differential Protection During External Short Circuits
    7537Andrey V. Kryukov Aleksandr V. Cherepanov Aleksei R. Shafikov
    Modeling Non-Sinusoidal Modes in Electrical Networks Supplying Power to Traction Substations for Electromotives Operation with Four-Quadrant Converters
    7567Alexandr Laruhin, Maxim Nikandrov, Leonid Slavutskii
    Anomalous Modes Recognizing Secondary Equipment in Electric Power Industry: Adaptive Neuro Algorithms
    7613V. E. Pavlov, I.G. Peregudova
    Study of Conditions for Group Self- Starting Electric Drives of Turbo Mechanisms
    7677Vladislav Nezevak, Andrej Shatokhin
    Interaction’s Simulation Modeling of Electric Rolling Stock and Electric Traction System
    7704Vladimir V. Mokeev
    Prediction of Heating Load and Cooling Load of Buildings Using Neural Network
    7737Yuriy Klimenko, A.P. Preobrazhenskiy, I.Ya.Lvovich
    Optimization of Technological Process of Monitoring of Power Quality in Distribution Networks 10/0.4 kV
    7750E. Danilina, V.Astakhov
    Methods for Eddy Current Energy Losses Reduction in Vortex-Layer Devices
    7766Andrey Yablokov, Galina Filatova , Alexander Timofeev
    Research of Fault Location Algorithm for Data Metering System Based on Digital Transformers
    7785A.V. Varganova, A.N. Shemetov
    Integrated In-Station Optimization Of Industrial Thermal Power Plants
    Section 7. Electromagnetic and Heat Applications
    7333Aleksandr Serebryakov, Vladimir Osokin
    Analysis of Processes in System “Power-Supply Unit – Electric Precipitator” in Integrated Package MATHCAD
    7462Katharina V. Naigert, Vladimir A. Tselischev
    Development of Control Units of Magnetorheological Drives
    7463Katharina V. Naigert Vladimir A. Tselischev
    Modeling of Thermoelectric Elements in Cooling Circuits of Drive Systems
    7724Evgeniy Shmakov, Ivan Smolyanov, Daria Gasheva
    Features of Linear Induction Motor Depended on Q-factor