industrial engineering
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Секция 6. Автоматизация и управление технологическими процессами
Industrial Processes Control and Automation

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
11290E.А. Muravyova, E.R. Enikeeva, N.N. Alaeva
Pressure and Density of the Mixture - Parameters of the System of Monitoring and Control af the Operation Mode Oil Well
11306A. Vozmilov, V. Urmanov, A. Lisov
Using Computer Vision to Recognize Defects on the Surface of Hot-rolled Steel
11359A. Vozmilov, L. Andreev, S. Panishev
The Development of a Vibration Machine with Adjustable Inertial Vibrator
11429V.V. Evstafiev, N.V. Rudenko
Provision of the Required Performance of Technolog-ical Processes on the Basis of Automation of Flows Redistribution
11434T.V. Basоva, Yu.S. Andreev, M.V. Basova
The Development of Cutting Tools Active Control Methodology for Numerical Control Milling Machines
11473A. Sinegubov, V. Shelest
Microprocessor-Based Device for Monitoring the Insulation Resistance of DC Systems
11499Yu. Zatsarinnaya, G. Kovalev, R. Gainullin
An Automated Software Package Creation for Energy Consumption Accounting
11540D. Sorokin, S. Volskiy, A. Kornev
High-Voltage Impulse Generator
11556D. Markov, A. Romanov
Implementation of the RISC-V Architecture with the Extended Zbb Instruction Set
11611A. Yablokov, P. Kabakov
Development and Research of the Rogowsky Coil Design with Low Sensitivity to Conductor Displacement
11622V.V. Arzhanov, K.V. Arzhanov, A.A. Solovyev
Microprocessor Control of the Sonar Electric Drive
11706A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
An Improved Leakage Current Sensor for Insulation Control Systems
11710A.V. Starikov, A.A. Gribanov, A.A. Starikova
Automation of Combined Irrigation System Control in Greenhouses with Electrochemically Activated Water
11713S.T. Boltayev, Q.A. Kosimova
Railway Point Machine Control Automation Methods
11714V.D. Nguyen, M.V. Vartanov, V.L. Nguyen
Identify the Position of the Shaft and Hole Using a Force-Torque Sensor in Three-Point Contact Assembly Operations
11725I.I. Turulin, H.Sh. Mogheer
Method and Algorithm for Synthesis of Controlled Digital Low-Pass Butterworth Filters on the Example of A 4th Order Filter
11731A.A. Nikolaev, P.G. Tulupov, S.S. Ryzhevol, I.A. Lozhkin
Development of a Methodology for Selecting Optimum Asymmetric Arc Combustion Modes in Ladle-Furnace Installations under Different Argon Purging Regimes
63001E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Synthesis Process of the VS-1 Stabilizer and the Octophore-N Using a Virtual Analyzer
70007E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Polymerization of Isoprene in an Isopentane Solution Using a Virtual Analyzer