industrial engineering
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Секция 5. Силовая преобразовательная техника, электрические машины и электроприводы
Power Electronics Converters, Electrical Machines and Industrial Drives

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
11249A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
The New Type Brushless Generator
11296D.M. Toporkov, I.L. Popov, S.N. Andriyashin
Regulating Characteristics of a Two-Pack Synchronous Generator with Combined Excitation
11326Robert Sattarov, Regina Khazieva, Maksim Ivanov, Bogdan Solovev
Active Filters in the Power Supply of Electrified Railway Applications
11333A. Khitrov, A. Khitrov, A. Ilyin
Simplified Method for Calculating Mechanical Characteristics of Induction Motor Drive with Scalar Frequency Control
11336A.A. Kuvshinov, V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko
Impact of Geoinduced Currents on Excitation Mode of Synchronous Generator at Power Plant
11341E. Mannanov, V. Belko, A. Kostelov
Mathematical Modeling of Electrophysical Processes in the Turbine Generator Stator Winding Insulation System
11369S. Florentsev, V. Polyukhovych, V. Evpakov
Modernization of Industrial Shunting Diesel Locomotives for Technological Railway Transport
11427N. Kuznetsov, R. Yuldashev, S. Volskiy
Hybrid-Electric-Aircraft for Travel in Urban Environments
11539I. Zhurov, S. Bayda, S. Florentsev
Parameters Estimation Technique of the Induction Motor Electric Drive With the Field-Oriented Control Tacking Into Account Core Losses
11621K.T. Tergemes, D.Sh. Amanbek, D.A. Musahan
Investigation of the stability of the electric drive of the rocking machine for oil production
11701Evgeny Omelchenko, Vasily Tanich, Alexey Lymar
Skidding Process Research for a Four-Axle Shunter Electric Locomotive with a Traction Electric Drive "Frequency Converter - Asynchronous Drive"
11726N. Lopatkin, G. Zinoviev, S. Kharitonov
Inverter Asynchronous Electric Drive System with PAM and PWM Control
11730Ilya A. Pesin, Aleksey A. Bochkarev, Denis O. Pustovoytov, Aleksey I. Sverchkov
Effect of Speed Asymmetry on Power and Force Parameters of Rolling Mill Electric Drives
11732Alexander A. Nikolaev, Alexander S. Maklakov, Ildar G. Gilemov, Michail V. Bulanov
Experimental Studies of Power Quality in the 34.5 kV Network of MMK Metalurji during Operation of Electric Drives with Active Rectifiers
11733M.Yu. Petushkov, S.S. Kholodilov
Application of Wavelet Analysis for Synchronization of Current Signals in the Diagnosis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
11734A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.G. Gilemov, I.S. Ivekeev
Development of a Methodology to Assess the Impact Degree of High-Power Drives with Active Rectifiers on the Electricity Quality in In-plant Power Supply Systems
11742Anton Yashin, Marat Khakimyanov
Investigation of the Frequency-Controlled Electric Drive of the Gas Air Cooling Units
63009T. Petrov, V. Basenko
Development and Creation of an Experimental Bench for Checking the Results of Topological Optimization