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Секция 4. Оптимизация и моделирование электроэнергетических систем
Electrical Power Systems: Optimization and Modelling

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
11297R. Khazieva, R. Aflyatunov, P. Vasilyev
Investigation of LC Filter Function Based on Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
11352A. Fedorov, V. Petrov, V. Naumov
The Rules for Using Modal Transformation in Traveling Wave Fault Locator
11380V. Romanov, V. Goldstein. A. Batishchev
Developing Highly Effective Strategy of Oil Production Submersible Electrical Equipment Repair and Operation
11412L. Gurina, T. Zoryna, N. Tomin
Risk Assessment for Digitalization of Facilities of Cyber-Physical Energy System
11440A. Galimova, A. Novikova, E. Strizhakova
Analysis of Methods for Solving the Problem of Monitoring the Operability of the Electrical Complex of an Autonomous Transport Facility
11479G.A. Evdokunin, A.S. Brilinskii, A.Y. Korovina
Computer Modeling of the Processes Arising During Arcing Ground Faults in 35 kV Resistance Grounded Systems
11498I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Yu. Klimenko
The Simulation of Fault Prediction Processes in Distribution Energy Networks
11529E. Mashalov
Raiden. Power System Transient Stability Simulation Software Prototype
11616A. Arestova, V. Ulyanov, M. Frolov
Energy Efficiency Indicators Calculation Algorithm for Oil and Gas Production Enterprise
11643Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadij P. Kornilov, Alexander P. Sokolov
Development of a System for Tegulating the Excitation of Synchronous Generators of Factory Power Plants Connected to a Powerful Energy System
11664N. Topolsky, D. Topolsky, I. Topolskaya
Structure Optimization of the Software and Hardware Complex for Electricity Metering
11671Yu. Samofalov, A. Alzakkar, V. Utkina
Investigation of Contact Surfaces of Vacuum Circuit Breakers 35-110 kV Using Electron Microscopy
11672A. Alzakkar, V. Maksimov, N. Mestnikov
Investigation of Increasing the Stability of a Power System Using Supercapacitors
11709O.V. Vorkunov
Quantitative Assessment of Reliability Indicators of Electrical Circuits of 10 Kv Distribution Networks
11716A. Yablokov, P. Kabakov, E. Gotovkina
Investigation of the Current Conversion Error of Rogowski Coil in a Wide Temperature Range
11729Gennady P. Kornilov, Evgeniy F. Ivanov, Ildar R. Abdulveleev
Improving the Power Supply Reliability for Industrial Consumers through High-Speed Bus Transfer
34009E.I. Gracheva, T.V. Tabachnikova, A.N. Gorlov
Estimating How the Start-Up of High-Voltage Ground Electric Drive of Oil Transfer Pump Impacts the Oil Well Electric Motor Operation
63006I. Yu. Ivanov, V.R. Ivanova, V.V. Novokreshenov
Investigation of System Properties and Connections of Electrical Engineering Systems for Assessment of Selectivity of Power Line Differential Protection with a Series Compensation Device
63010A. Nakataev, A. Ziuzev, S. Tecle
Developing and Testing a Control Strategy on Electromechanical Test Bench for Operating a Group of Sucker Rod Pumps for Smoothing the Power Demand Requirement
70003S.V. Oskin, Z.H. Naguchev, D.M. Taranov
Investigation of the Temperature Condition of Electric Motors Using the Comsol Package