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Секция 3. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power and Voltage Quality

Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
11337V.V. Vakhnina, A.A. Kuvshinov, I.V. Chernenko
The Features of the Alternating-Current Power Transmission Series Capacitance Under Geomagnetic Perturbances
11398V.P. Kosteletskii, A.V. Medvedev, Y.S. Zhechev
Method for Experimental Study of Circuits with Triple Modal Reservation in Time and Frequency Domains
11581M.A. Samoylichenko, T.R. Gazizov
Optimization of a Modal Filterrealized on a Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board
11583A. Kryukov, A. Cherepanov, A. Kryukov
Reducing Electromagnetic Influences of 25 Kv Traction Networks on Extended Metal Structures
11585A.H. Adnan, M.E. Komnatnov, T.R. Gazizov
TEM-cell Measurements of the Radiated Emissions from PCBs with Modal Reservation before and after Failure
11693Maxim M. Lygin, Olga V. Gazizova, Gennadiy P. Kornilov
Using the Principles of Cascade-Frequency Regulation during the Pperation of the Nutrient Pumps of the Factory Thermal Power Plant for the Common Manifold
11707K. Malygin, A. Nosov, R. Surovtsev
Analysis and Optimization of a Turn of a Meander Line with Broad-Side Coupling with Temperature Effect Consideration
11715A.V. Medvedev
Interconnect Routing on Two Signal Layers of a Modal Reservation PCB: a Case Study
11717V. Nevezhin, M. Komnatnov, A. Busygina
Research of Attenuation of the Electromagnetic Wave Amplitude by Organic Materials in a Coaxial Cell
11722S.R. Morozov, A.M. Lakoza
Quasi-Static Simulation of a Double-Sided PCB with Triple Modal Reservation
11724I.E. Kazhekin, S.P. Finko
Influence of Non-Linear Load on Single-Phase Fault Current in Electrical Networks with Isolated Neutral