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Перечень принятых докладов
(по состоянию на 18 августа 2022 г.)

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
Секция 1. Системы электроснабжения
11382V. Romanov, A. Kazantsev, A. Batishchev
Reducing Transient Resistance in Contact Connections of Electrical Installations in Oil Industry
11417D.A. Stepanova, V.I. Antonov, N.A. Doni
Advantages of Transforming the Relay Protection Operating Characteristics into Characteristics in Multidimensional Space
11460F. Molotov, A. Vaskov, T. Shestopalova
Active-Adaptive Algorithms for Control Power Grids with RES
11534D. Ivanov, A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, T. Galieva
Methods of Periodic Complex Remote Measurement of Partial Discharge Characteristics in Highvoltage Insulators
Секция 2. Возобновляемая энергетика
В данной секции пока нет принятых статей
Секция 3. Качество электрической энергии и электромагнитная совместимость
11337V.V. Vakhnina, A.A. Kuvshinov, I.V. Chernenko
The Features of the Alternating-Current Power Transmission Series Capacitance Under Geomagnetic Perturbances
11398V.P. Kosteletskii, A.V. Medvedev, Y.S. Zhechev
Method for Experimental Study of Circuits with Triple Modal Reservation in Time and Frequency Domains
11581M.A. Samoylichenko, T.R. Gazizov
Optimization of a Modal Filterrealized on a Double-Sided Printed Circuit Board
Секция 4. Оптимизация и моделирование электроэнергетических систем
11297R. Khazieva, R. Aflyatunov, P. Vasilyev
Investigation of LC Filter Function Based on Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
11412L. Gurina, T. Zoryna, N. Tomin
Risk Assessment for Digitalization of Facilities of Cyber-Physical Energy System
11498I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Yu. Klimenko
The Simulation of Fault Prediction Processes in Distribution Energy Networks
11529E. Mashalov
Raiden. Power System Transient Stability Simulation Software Prototype
11664N. Topolsky, D. Topolsky, I. Topolskaya
Structure Optimization of the Software and Hardware Complex for Electricity Metering
Секция 5. Силовая преобразовательная техника, электрические машины и электроприводы
11249A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
The New Type Brushless Generator
11333A. Khitrov, A. Khitrov, A. Ilyin
Simplified Method for Calculating Mechanical Characteristics of Induction Motor Drive with Scalar Frequency Control
11336A.A. Kuvshinov, V.V. Vakhnina, A.N. Chernenko
Impact of Geoinduced Currents on Excitation Mode of Synchronous Generator at Power Plant
Секция 6. Автоматизация и управление технологическими процессами
11290E.А. Muravyova, E.R. Enikeeva, N.N. Alaeva
Pressure and Density of the Mixture - Parameters of the System of Monitoring and Control af the Operation Mode Oil Well
11429V.V. Evstafiev, N.V. Rudenko
Provision of the Required Performance of Technolog-ical Processes on the Basis of Automation of Flows Redistribution
11434T.V. Basоva, Yu.S. Andreev, M.V. Basova
The Development of Cutting Tools Active Control Methodology for Numerical Control Milling Machines
11540D. Sorokin, S. Volskiy, A. Kornev
High-Voltage Impulse Generator
11611A. Yablokov, P. Kabakov
Development and Research of the Rogowsky Coil Design with Low Sensitivity to Conductor Displacement
Секция 7. Электротехнологии
В данной секции пока нет принятых статей